Hope & A Future For The Children of Tijuana

The Refuge


The goal that God has charged us with is to help children whose families live in extreme poverty and have little or no means of taking care of them. Additionally, God has laid it on our hearts to seek out and rescue children

whose only home is the street.

Our desire is to create a new model of the traditional “orphanage”. We purposefully strive to provide an environment that is less like an institution and more like a family home where the children learn what a healthy family looks like and how it interacts. They also learn to explore their faith in God and to use a biblical view in making life decisions.

We want to make a difference in Tijuana by raising strong and independent children with a love for the Lord. We are changing lives by breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse. We are preparing them to enter the world as successful young adults grounded in their faith and ready to make a difference.

We currently have seven children and expect to grow to twenty in the coming months. We provide food, shelter, medical care, and education in a loving and caring environment.; additionally, each child will regularly see a psychologist to help with the transition and also to begin a process of healing from their previous situations. This is all at no cost to the family. 

Michelle Wilson
Michelle serves as House Director devoting her life to impacting the lives of children. 

Danya Gresham
Danya serves as our Group Coordinator helping others find a place to serve either in Mexico or in the U.S.  

Christina Santoyo
Chrissy serves as our Administrator. She serves both onsite and in the U.S.


We are accepting donations of clothes, bunk beds, personal care items, and school supplies. And of course, monetary donations are appreciated for the care of the children. 


With frequent trips to Tijuana, many are able to reach out and impact the lives of children. Find out how to become our partner.

mission & vision

We are committed to providing a safe home, opportunities, and education for the homeless and helpless children of Tijuana. 

our leadership team

What We Do...