Hope & A Future For The Children of Tijuana

The Refuge

Of course...these are just suggestions!  Have a different idea?  That's great!  Email gayla@buildtherefuge.com and let's start planning your trip now!

​Need Some Ideas For Your Trip?


  • children at and around The Refuge
  • children who live near the city dump
  • at a local church (subject to church's schedule)
  • at another at-risk neighborhood

Outreach events

  • Food distribution for families who live near the city dump
  • Food distribution during a church outreach for the homeless at the canal
  • Food distribution at another at-risk nieghborhood
  • Kid's club in neighborhood, dump, or other at-risk area
  • Holiday parties/events
  • Drama or music at church

Service Projects

  • Repair work around The Refuge
  • Specific building projects at The Refuge (dorms, pantries, bathrooms, etc - depending on current need)
  • Repair work at homes of families in the neighborhood or in the church