Hope & A Future For The Children of Tijuana

The Refuge

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We are always excited to have individuals and groups join us at The Refuge to work on the house, participate in activities with our kids, or do projects and activities in the surrounding area.  Our aim is to bless our guests and volunteers while they are with us and help them accomplish the goals of their specific trip. 

We understand that everyone's idea of a successful trip is different, that's why we spend time discovering what you or your team's objectives are...the experience that you'd like to have...and then build a trip around that.

We also understand that not all budgets are the same.  Again, we'll spend time discovering the experience that you'd like to have and modify the activities to fit your needs. 

The projects are an important part of the trip, but not as important as the time you’ll be spending with the kids and the people in the area.  Speaking love and importance into their lives and into the lives of the staff here at the house is an irreplaceable component of any trip. 

To get more information about scheduling a trip or getting information about the base fees and cost, please contact me via email.  Make sure to check out the FAQ’s as well, there’s a lot of information there too! 

We’re looking forward to having you visit our home! 

Danya Gresham
Group Coordinator