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School is going great!!

We have been so blessed by the school and the teachers that love on our kids and take time to interact with them and teach them. Each child has a teacher that is going above and beyond to help make sure that our kids are learning to their potential.  And our kids are enjoying going to school. We have children who are learning to read for the first time, kids that are striving for straight A's, and children that - for the very first time - are learning that it's ok to dream.  

Mission trips are leaving from Las Vegas monthly. Our next trip is scheduled for Friday, Nov.24th - 26th. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of it. 

If you would like to visit the home on your own or bring your own group, contact our US Groups Coordinator Gayla Hardin at Gayla@buildtherefuge.com. We would love to have you or your visit with us! 

Did you know you can send a child to school for only $100 a month? 

Did you know that if you can only afford $50 there's someone else out there who can only afford $50 a month and you can still send a child to school? 

When you sponsor a child for $50 or $100 a month it not only pays for their tuition but it also includes 2 meals a day! You are not just sending a child to school but you are feeding them as well. That's how you change lives!

Sign up to sponsor a child today and change life forever!  

You can even make your donation recurring. When setting up your tax deductible gift just check the box that says "recurring". It's easy and painless to feed and educate a child. 

Thank you for signing up today!

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