The Refuge

Education changes lives. It's just that simple.  One of the biggest problems  in this area is poverty. As of 2015 there are approximately 3.1 million children who do not attend school  due to extreme poverty. Most of these children in the poor, rural areas have little to no chance of ever attending school. 

From the high cost of the uniforms, to the cost of books, and school fees - many families simply cannot afford to send their children to school and the cycle continues. 

Special Gift for Education

$100 Monthly Sponsor for Education

This is where YOU CAN HELP!  With a special gift of $100 you can provide a uniform for a child to go to school. Your monthly gift of $50 or $100 pays for their school fees and supplies. 

Help send a child to school today. 

$50 Monthly Sponsor for Education

Hope & A Future For The Children of Tijuana