Hope & A Future For The Children of Tijuana

The Refuge


Boy’s & Girl’s Socks

Boy’s & Girl’s Underwear

Folding Chairs

Hair Gel / Hair Spray / Hairbrushes / Styling Tools

Deodarant & Foot Powder

Cleaning Supplies


Swing Set/Jungle Gym

Non-Perishable Food Items (we eat lots of beans!)

Bath & Kitchen Towels

Large Storage Containers W/Lids

Toilet Paper / Paper Plates / Plastic Cups / Paper Towels / Napkins

Bunk Beds

Twin Mattresses & Sheet Sets

Gift Cards to Stores (Home Depot/Target/Wal-Mart/$1 Stores/Lowes/Amazon)

Construction & Gardening Tools

School Supplies

Craft Supplies


Stuff we need (or are going to need more of)

Your contributions matter

​Partner With Us and

Help Save Lives

The Refuge is 100% funded by the contributions of individuals who join along side us to stand in the gap for the marginalized of Tijuana.

Why do we need your contributions? That's easy! We're saving kids!  100% of your contributions go directly to providing for the kids that we've taken off the street and the ones yet to be rescued.  The live-in staff at The Refuge are missionaries dedicated to the cause of rescuing children and helping them be more...they take none of the contributions for a salary unless the donor specifically designates it for such.

It's easy to help out!  Just click on the "donate now" button below to be taken to Paypal.  You can make a one time donation, or sign-up to be a monthly supporter.  If you'd like your donation to be specifically directed to a certain project you see mentioned on the website or Facebook, or to a staff member to help support them, it's simple...just write that in the note area.

We need more than just your money, we also always need items donated too!  Kids outgrow clothes, there's always a project to work on, and let's face it...if you thought a couple of kids were rough on stuff around the house, imagine what ten or more of them can do!

Check out the list below and see if maybe you've got something floating around the house that we could use! If you've got something that you think would come in handy that isn't on the list, well send it to us!  We'll always find a use for it!